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JESC Review: Moldova, Azerbaijan & The Netherlands


The First Reviews
The First Reviews

In the build up to the final on Saturday night we will be bringing you three song reviews each day. Today joining me is our resident  fan Bruce . As normal we will be awarding the scores from 1-10, 1 being the lowest possible score and 10 being the highest possible score.

So today we will be reviewing the entries from Moldova, Azerbaijan & The Netherlands. So lets begin…

  • Country: Moldova
  • Song: Cum să fim
  • Artist: Rafael Bobeica
  • Language: Moldova & English
  • Best Result: 6th in 2011

Anthony: This is the one song this year that has left me on the fence since it was selected. There is a part of me that loves Moldova in Eurovision and that wants me to love this too, however I just can’t going by the official music video. I think that the structure of calm verses and picked up chorus’ are good. However I do find that at points I want Rafael just to keep his voice lower during the chorus as it can just be a bit over powering. Do I see this winning? No. Will this come last? I hope not, as it has potential. 5/10 from me.

Bruce: My ears sensed something similar with last years Moldavian entry, but there was more of it. Oh yes, high-pitched singing. Lots of it now, to point I feel it has been overdone. That aside, I can gladly endorse the song’s structure, the relaxed verses are neatly done, well-timed into the song I feel and have a nice way of picking up the song. He has a decent singing voice with potential, but I think it needs to better controlled, at times the high-pitched chorus singing turned into opera before edging on screaming in my ears. That said, the part in the middle was done decently. In the end, I feel there is room for improvement here, but well done – and work on that voice! 4/10.

  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Song: Me and my guitar
  • Artist: Rustam Karimov
  • Language: Azerbaijani & English
  • Best Result: 11th in 2011

Anthony: You do just want to run up to Rustam and give him a massive hug, his smile and enthusiasm is infectious and this song just oozes fun. You honestly cannot stop tapping your foot along to this, and his vocals are good from what I heard of the 1st rehearsal earlier. The whole feel of this song just leaves you grinning from cheek to cheek, and it’s not just that he is the youngest participant in this years contest. I have really high hopes for this song on Saturday night which is why Rustam gets 9/10 from me.

Bruce: Those opening beats made me think of a circus act. However, this is far from that. In fact, it is pretty good entry – with a relaxing slow tempo that speeds up for the main chorus. I will admit, it did keep my foot tapping. His singing voice is excellent from the version I’ve heard, especially considering his young age – the youngest in the contest this year I believe. The simple track suits this genre and his singing blends wonderfully with it. I figured from the lyrics the song revolves around sharing music and enjoying music with others. Good job! 7/10

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Song: Double Me
  • Artist: Mylene & Rosanne
  • Language: Dutch & English
  • Best Result: 11th in 2011

Anthony: As a twin myself I can’t help but love this song, I’ll admit my twin may not be identical but there is still a link to this song. From the start “Double Me” is full of energy and fun and has you tapping your foot along, the lyrics of the chorus are incredibly catchy and I challenge anyone not to be singing along by the end of the last chorus. Dutch can be an incredibly harsh language for Eurovision at times, however it works very well here, it is still very catchy and pleasant to listen to. This is just a brilliant bit of fun and I can easily see why this is doing very well in our Junior Eurovision 2013 poll. For me it’s 9/10.

Bruce: Double U? Double ME! This has to be one of my favourite entries to JESC 2013. The intro suggests an upbeat, playful song and the opening lyrics, sung in a distinctly Dutch accent that I also am quite found of in this song, are an instant catch. You could potentially forget the rest of the song but I am quite certain the opening verses will stay. This is no doubt pop to my ears – and that kind of pop that will get you up for dancing with a joyous feel. The lyrics are about the life of being twins; singing about themselves and how the teacher can’t tell them apart or how irritating it is for them to share a bedroom. Amusing and different! All round a good song, without scoring excellent points in any particular one of my categories for liking music, apart from being simply fun and happy. Good luck Netherlands, you have done exceptionally well. 9/10.

So the final scores are:

  • Netherlands – 18 points
  • Azerbaijan – 16 points
  • Moldova – 9 points

If you don’t agree with our points you can vote in our Junior Eurovision poll here.

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