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Here It Is
Here It Is

The running order for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 has been decided tonight in Kiev. The draw was made during the welcoming party. The acts were invited up to the stage to pull a number at random out, the number that they pulled was the position that they will perform in. FYR Macedonia & Georgia were allowed to pick their number of their choice.

The running order is:

  1. Sweden – Eliias – Det är dit vi ska
  2. Azerbaijan – Rustam Karimov – Me and my guitar
  3. Armenia – Monika Avanesyan – Choco Factory
  4. San Marino – Michele Perinola – O-o-O Sole intorno a me
  5. FYR Macedonia – Barbara Popvic – Ohrid i muzika
  6. Ukraine – Sofia Tarasova – We Are One
  7. Belarus – Ilya Volkov – Poy so mnoy
  8. Moldova – Rafael Bobecia – Cum sa fim
  9. Georgia – The Smile Shop – Give Me Your Smile
  10. The Netherlands – Mylene & Rosanne – Double Me
  11. Malta – Gaia Cauchi – The Start
  12. Russia – Dayana Kirillova – Mechtay

Junior Eurovision 2013 takes place this Saturday at 19:00 CET. You can watch what happened at the welcome party last night below:

7 thoughts on “Kiev’13: Here Is The Running Order”

  1. I’m s pleased they’ve placed Malta right before Russia and after uptempo Netherlands, it will just prove how forgetful the entry really is, and why people shouldn’t be overrating it. Poor San Marino and Azerbaijan though No. 2 & 4 are bad positions, Moldova should have been in Azerbaijans place.

    1. Oh please shut up and let the kids enjoy themselves and make friends.i and almost all europe dont agree with you because we all think that malta should win this year…

      1. We’ll see who’s right when the results come in on the 30th, 6th or 5th is probably a good prediction for Malta this year. Malta vocally is one of the strongest but the composition is so forgetful, and putting it right next to Russia and the Netherlands was the worst possible place to put it, when it needs to stand out , putting it near Belarus or Macedonia may have helped. At least I’m actually more objective when judging the entries and take into account Composition/Vocals/Staging etc, I haven’t been narrow minded and said Malta’s entry is rubbish or all round excellent like some people have, its in between good and bad, because the entry has its weaknesses as well as its strengths, at least when I rank entries I take into consideration both these!

        Almost certain Russia will win now, its very catchy, the composition and lyrics are good, its just vocals (but only in places).

  2. Worried San Marino may end up 8th/7th because of its draw and because its San Marino, pity because it deserves better.

  3. Fun fact: Sweden and Armenia have the same positions like 2009 at JESC (also held in Kyiv), Azerbaijan and San Marino exchanged their positions from their semi final in Malmö. I also think that it is finally again Russia’s turn.

  4. I’ve just watched the dress rehearsals and it looks as if San Marino, Sweden and Azerbaijan will definitely not reach as high as what some people though on the scoreboard. Good News, I watched Malta today too, and was quite impressed the imagery and lighting has given the entry a boost, this will probably beat Azerbaijan and San Marino now I think, I predict 4th/5th place, but more leaning to 4th if not higher depending on the final performance. Wasn’t impressed with Georgia’s entry in the rehearsals, but Ukraine has improved massively since the national final, Armenia and Belarus again a slight improvement and definitely better than Georgia, Sweden, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands. Netherlands ‘Double Me’ reminds me too much of ‘My Family’ very over the top and cheesy, ‘my family ended up finishing 9th, but I definitely think Netherlands will fair better this time, maybe 7th.

  5. Looks like Macedonia are heading for 12th place, Moldova seem to have improved massively too, I really do fear for San Marino though, a poor result might also result in no return for next year, which would be sad.

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