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5 thoughts on “Turkey: Lies About EBU Apology”

  1. My original plan was to rant and rave until Turkey changed their minds. But I decided to go against that. Now, my plan is to protest to get Turkey to be in Copenhagen.

    1. Why have a childish baby like Turkey participate in the ESC 2014 just so it can get its own way and scrap Jury :/ EBU should move on from TRT, if over broadcasters don’t have a problem with the current rules then they should just leave them how they are, if TRT aren willing to accept the rules they do not deserve to ever participate and we should just turn our backs on the Turks, and be done with them!

  2. I know this is quite late. But how childish can they be? This is a stupid excuse for being out of Eurovision, considering that they have not placed out of the top ten since 2007, with one exception to 2011, and compare it to the United Kingdom or France, who, since 2006 have entered the top 10 on one occasion. It really isn’t a good argument. I want Turkey back in ESC, but if they are going to be childish about this, well, they are missing out on the fun of ESC.

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