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Turkvision Entrant Announced
Turkvision Entrant Announced

İkay Yusuf have been chosen as the act that will represent Macedonia at Turkvizyon. Ikay was born in 1975 in Gostavir where he still lives. He is a rock singer known for his Macedonian and Turkish influence and has performed a number of concerts. In 2005 he became part of the band called “Bal ve Kan” (Blood & Honey). His first album was “Çıplak” (Uncovered) released in 2010, and the song “Duslerde Yasamak” was first song of this album. He will now go to Turkvizyon as a solo act.

He will sing “Ağlama Benim İçin” which means “Don’t cry for me”, the song we be revealed in the coming weeks . You can however listen to “Duslerde yasamak” from the album “Ban ve Kan” below:


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