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Kiev’13: Mykhailo Nekrasov – The Man Behind The Music

Mykhailo – The Man Behind The Music

Mykhailo Nekrasov has been revealed today as the man behind the music that will feature during Junior Eurovision 2013. He is known to fans of Eurovision as the composer Tina Karol and Zlata Ognevich. Mykhailo is the man that has brought Ukraine some of its best and most memorable Eurovision songs since their debut in 2003. He has also worked with this years Ukranian Junior Eurovision entrant Sofia Tarasova to rework her song “We Are One”.

Mykahilo has embraced the contest and told that:

I adore the motto selected for this year’s contest, ‘Be creative!’ as it freely implies fairytales, magic, transformation and charm not only in the stage performances, but also in the music. Fairytales can be a lot of different things from the unpretentious and funny ‘Kolobok’ to fantasy pictures. The musical background is corresponding to this; from joyful Broadway musicals, epic symphonic movie scores and magic.

Mykhailo is involving over 70 musicians in the creation of the music for the contest including those who play instruments from as far away as Kazakhstan and Australia. He will then add in academic and pop choirs to create the sound track to the contest.

Mykhailo also has a message for the producers:

This project has been very inspiring. I realise how important it is to reach to the next generation. I do not make public addresses often, but now I want to address producers who think that their artists need to be undressed to be on television – remember instead that children watch it, as they are our future.


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  1. Mikhail Nekrasov has NEVER composed a song for Ruslana. Her songs are composed by herself. The song “Wild Dances” was composed by Ruslana while the lyrics were written by her husband, Oleksandr Ksenofontov.

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