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Final Tonight

Bashkortostan is one of three countries and regions selecting their acts for Türkvizyon today. A total of 17 acts will be singing for the right to represent Bashkortostan in Turkey in December. The national final will be broadcast on Kurai TV.

The finalists are:

  1. Hawa
  2. Homay
  3. Diana Ishniyazova
  4. Ziliә Bәhtieva
  5. Ilyas Kinyәғolov
  6. Yәmil Baymyrҙin
  7. Ғaysar Miңdeғolov
  8. Ian Lear
  9. Angelica Yakuseva
  10. Hansura
  11. Han ҡyҙy
  12. Eurasia
  13. Nәrkәs Sirazhetdinova
  14. Arғymak
  15. Әs-sәlәm
  16. Bүrelәr” tөrkөmө
  17. Aygөl Әmineva

SMS voting will decide the winner, to vote you text to 55222 with the numbers 10 to 27. If you want to vote for Eurasia you text 12 to 55222.


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