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Auditions Are Over
Auditions Are Over

The audition stages for the Türkvizyon selection in Crimea took place last week. Crimea Media Production the broadcaster for Crimea today released a news report about how those auditions went.

Zera Kenzhikaeva a member of the jury in the selection in Crimea said that:

I want to congratulate all community of Turk countries with great effort. I want that in this contest (competition) will take part Crimea participant, which will be present Crimea-Tatar culture. I want that participants will be, first of all, creative, artistic. And do you know, that sometimes it happens, that singer (man) don’t have a “super voice”. But he is so individual, so bright, that enters into the soul of viewer. Most importantly, the singer must “to touch”, first of all, my heart.

We understand that Elvina Yuldasheva has made it through to the final on November 18th, she said that:

“I worked very long. And when I knew that I would represent my country at Turkvision, I begin to search a songs. Then I combined the two songs in one, and this song got the name “Merik” Then I combined songs in one as “Baglama”, and this song was called “Birim Birim”. I have been performed many time on stage, I participated in many festivals and contests, but I still have a fear. I wish good luck all participants.”

Elvira Chakalova who is a representative of Crimea Media Production, said that:

“CMA Production is the official representative Turkvision in Ukraine. Fazile Ibraimova will represent Ukraine. The second representative will be the singer, which we will select in this studio. The very difficult competition will be next year, because we plan to organize a big selection throughout Ukraine.”

It sounds by this interview that next year will be when Turkvision turns into full swing in Ukraine and Crimea, with the aim to hold a larger national selection on par with those seen in Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. You can watch the news segment in full below:

Source: Crimea Media Production

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