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SMS Vote Opens Tomorrow
SMS Vote Opens Tomorrow

The running order for the final of the Türkvizyon selection process in Azerbaijan was announced today. A total of 11 acts have made it through to the final on Saturday night at 22:00 CET.

The running order is:

  1. Nazik Kudayberdiyeva
  2. Zarina Osmonova
  3. Zarlyk Kambaraliyev
  4. Nursultan Raimbekov
  5. Bektur Šaršenaliev
  6. Kamčybek Oskonbaev
  7. Çoro (Group)
  8. The Dreamers (Group)
  9. Islam Akmatov
  10. Ayar
  11. Kuralbek Çohsev

The voting will open tomorrow, to vote you can send an SMS to 3710, this SMS must contain the number of the act that you are voting for. So if you are voting for Kamčybek Oskonbaev, you send the number 6 to 3710. Voting will be open from the 12th of November up until the 16th of November, it will close after the last participant has sung. You can only vote if you are in Kyrgyzstan, if your outside of Kyrgyzstan, your vote will not count.


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