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Moldova: Rafael May Not Make It To Kiev

Court Suspends National Final Results
Court Suspends National Final Results

Rafael Bobecia may not be the 2013 Junior Eurovision entrant, due to a court ruling today. A court in Centru Moldova have annuled the results of the national final, due to the request of Vasile Morosanu. Mr Morosnau is the teacher of one of the other participants in the contest to represent Moldova, and said that he was not happy with how the national final was won.

This is the latest in a number of complaints against the Moldovan selection. Complaints against the national final include bias towards Rafael by the jury despite first hand accounts that the jury did not know each other or the participants. A commission was set up to investigate the allegations, however they could not find any serious issues with the selection.

Yesterday it was announced that a fund raising concert would take place on November 20th, 10 days before the contest to raise the funds necessary for Rafael to take part.


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