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Here’s What Sofia Had To Say

In a first for we had the chance to interview one of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest entrants, Sofia Tarasova from Ukraine. Sofia will be singing “We Are One” on home soil in Ukraine on November 30th, being only the third person in all of the Eurovision events to representing Ukraine on home soil.

Without further wait here is our interview with Sofia:

Sofia you won the Ukrainian selection back in August becoming the third person from Ukraine to perform at a Eurovision contest on home soil, how does that feel?

For sure, I felt joy and pride! But I laid all my emotions so much that I was too tired to jump and run in joy!

You won with the song “We Are One”, what was the inspiration for the song?

Me and Mykhailo Nekrasov had a goal to create a bright and heartwarming song, like children’s souls and sunshine! That’s how we got an idea of unity of the Man and the Nature! Of “We are one”! We recorded every note I sang and we created this music  modern, progressive and unhacked!

Your song was reworked by the producer behind “Gravity” the song that Zlata Ognevich performed in Malmo, how did it feel to be working with him?

Oh, I’m very lucky to work with such a talented composer as Mykhailo! We got acquainted due to the “Eurovision Music Academy” contest. He heard my performance and noticed me! And then we began our cooperation. He’s a wonderful musician, very hardworking and competent! So, working with him is a great pleasure for me. I like his scrupulousness.

Now you started singing when you were just 5 years old, what made you start singing?

Oh, it’s a funny story! When I was only 2.5 my mother’s friend accidentally heard me singing, and she was a professor of the R. Glier Kyiv Music Academy. She invited to the audition and discovered I was pitch perfect. So I began studying in a group of gifted children, where everyone was 3-4. So in the age of 5 I already began performing!

What are your plans for your performance in Kiev, will you have backing dancers or backing singers?

No, there will be nobody on stage except me! That’s the decision of Mykhailo Nekrasov. In his opinion nothing should draw attention away from the artist! I will be singing and dancing by myself!

It’s just under a month to go until the contest, have you been listening to the other participants songs, and which one is your favourite so far?

Sure, I listened to the songs of all the participants! All artists are very laudable, all of them are very different! Sometimes I like the song, sometimes I like the voice! I would like to distinguish girls from Russia and Malta!

What does it mean to you to be singing in front of your home crowed in Kyiv?

Frankly, I would like to get through the nervousness as it distracts me from my performance! Despite the fact that I have recently won the international “Junior New Wave” contest, it’s of much more responsibility to perform in your native country, as all the attention will be focused on me! So, I would like to prove once again that it’s not a coincidence that Ukraine won last year. Ukraine is indeed a singing country!

Finally, good luck in the contest, do you have anything you’d like to say to our readers?

I would wish everyone the best spirits, positive emotions and pleasure of watching the performances of talented children!

We’d like to thank Sofia for her time and Lily at NTU for helping us with the interview. You can listen to Sofia’s song “We Are One” below:

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