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Kazan Is Next Years Host City?

Kazan the capital of Tatarstan in Russia will be the host city for Türkvizyon 2014. The contest which is based on the Eurovision Song Contest, will see a total of 20 countries and territories taking part in this years inaugural contest. However this years contest is being held in Ekhisir because it is the “Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2013” which means that Kazan will host the contest due to being 2014 cultural capital.

Source: Turkvision

4 thoughts on “Tatarstan: Host Of Türkvizyon 2014”

  1. I thought I’ve read somewhere that Türkvizyon is part of the “cultural capital of the Turkic world” program, and next year that will be in Kazan.

    1. That would make sense. I do remember reading though that the winning country would host the following years contest, so I’m still confused.

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