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Cyprus Returns
Cyprus Will Not Return

It is our understanding that Cyprus who were to be 13th country taking part in Junior Eurovision 2013, but pulled out at the last minute. Cyprus last took part in Junior Eurovision in 2009 when the contest was also in Kiev, Ukraine. We understand that both Israel and Bulgaria were in discussions in the past weeks over taking part in the contest and being the 13th country, but both decided against participation.

We understand that a decision was due to be made at a board meeting at CyBC on Tuesday as to whether they would take part or not. We have been waiting for the past couple of days for news as to whether they would be the 13th country or not, we understood last week that there was a 30% chance of them taking part in the contest, however this likely rose on Tuesday, before sadly becoming 0.

Source: Junior Eurovision Press

9 thoughts on “Cyprus: No Return To Junior Eurovision”

  1. For the 2nd time this year CyBC has done it wrong.The offer was very good from the NTU. Hopely they accept the offer from Sigma TV and at this time they shouldn’t be so stupid and don’t accept this.

    1. I think it’s in CyBC’s best interest to take up Sigma TV’s offer as it worked for Greece and ensures they can take part with minimal cost to CyBC themselves.

  2. Hopely! I Hope that Greece participates 2014 too even they haven’t yet a broadcaster. But Greece is a very Eurovisioncountry so I think it’s like Serbia: Greece Must participate in Eurovision!

  3. NTU have done so much work this year to get nations to take part and keep JESC surviving for another year. The EBU need to decide a lot sooner in 2013/14 who will host JESC14 so that more nations can be approached to take part and get some interest in the event in the run up to ESC14 in Denmark. The 2013 JESC winner at ESC14 is a move in the right direction

  4. EBU must work at the biginning so countries can make preselections with more time and Not at the very Last second. They should make negotiatons with Albania,Israel,Bulgaria,Spain and Cyprus. And they should make the Deut of countries like Hungary Estonia Finland where Eurovision is very popular. Maybe also slovakia!

  5. EBU must also revamp the JESC format and change some of its rules, it should have sorted out some of the problems sooner that made the nordic countries leave the contest and Finland not wanting to debut, and also they should make the time slot for JESC even earlier e.g. have it starting in the middle of the afternoon (16:30 GMT) to finish for 18:30 (GMT), also moving the day of the contest to Friday instead of Saturday would increase viewing figures, as its the sort of time kids mainly watch TV in most countries, it would certainly make it easier for Croatia then to participate, and for the BBC to broadcast it on their kids channel. But yeah the format and rules have become tiresome and its time for a bit of a change around.

  6. I would love to get in contact with EBU and the organisers of JESC, as I think its crucial they change JESC so that its interest increases.

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