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Belarus: Official Video For Poy so mnoy! Released


Belarus’ Junior Eurovision Entry

The official video for “Poy so mnoy!” has been revealed today by esckaz. “Poy so mnoy!” is sung by Ilya Volkov who won the Belarussian Junior Eurovision final with 18 points, 1 point ahead of the second place singer Anna Zatiseva. The official video was filmed last weekend at an indoor go cart track. He is also joined in the video by his backing dancers who are called Maxi Briz. You can watch the official video below:

2 thoughts on “Belarus: Official Video For Poy so mnoy! Released”

  1. Belarus’s song is good, but I fear it might get ranked down in the final if the vocals aren’t up to scratch which they weren’t in the national final, same with Ukraine, both countries have really strong songs but vocals could potentially let them down. We’ve seen it happen all before with Ukraine’s “Europa” in 2011, plus Belarus and Netherlands last year.

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