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16 Finalists Announced

The 12 participants in the national final for Türkvizyon in Kazakhstan have been revealed. The national final will take place on November 24th, the winner of the final will be chosen by a public SMS vote and will be shown live on Astana TV. The finalists are:

  1. Aikyn
  2. Ali Okapov
  3. Anel Arinova
  4. Alashuly (Group)
  5. Bastau (Group)
  6. KeshYOU (Group)
  7. Rin’go (Group)
  8. Luina
  9. Nurjan Kermenbaev
  10. Rustem Zhugunusov
  11. Saltanat Bakaeva
  12. Serik Ibragimov

However the jury also decided to allow a further four acts to go through to the final, as they felt they had potential to win too, they are:

  1. Ademi
  2. Melo men (Group)
  3. Kentau
  4. Fariz

You can watch an advert below for Türkvizyon in Kazakhstan below:


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    1. Well Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Macedonia and Moldova as well as Ukraine all still seem to be in Eurovision, so Kazakhstan could maybe debut in the future.

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