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15 thoughts on “San Marino: It’s Michele Perniola To Kiev”

    1. The video is not his song, that was his performance from “Ti lascio una canzone”. His song should be revealed in the coming week or so.

  1. dont like this, its sooooo karaoke and lacks originality. Maybe having Italian kids participating for San Marino, would encourage Italy to debut too.

    1. The video above is not his song, it is him doing a cover in an Italian contest. The official entry will be revealed in the coming days.

      1. I know, but I was just judging this video of him, thats all. So do Eurovoix know who the 13th country is, but can’t give the name away untill the 29th.

    1. it isn’t Serbia. The only country it could be, that is southern is Cyprus. Romania, Croatia, Portugal, Spain and Greece have all confirmed they are not returning.

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