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21 thoughts on “Kiev’13: Who Are The 12th & 13th Country?”

  1. How come it isnt Spain? reading from wikipedia Spain looked very probable, it wont be Slovakia, Serbia broadcaster does have financial problems at the minute, EBU’s relationship with TRT (Turkey) isn’t very good either. Cyprus is unlikely as well.

  2. Why isn’t it spain? How do you know that? And what about Greece Cyprus Croatia Slovakia Poland ? They will not participate because they are having financial issues.Croatia Cyprus and slovakia withdrew for 2014. France is not interested Denmark is the host for next year and competeswith Noraay and sweden at the melodi grand prix nordic. Belgium will not return and the Uk, Serbia and Romania too.So the debuting country is San Marino or Italy and the returning country the most probably is spain.

    1. Spain wont be taking part as the Junior Eurovision Twitter account confirmed last night that they would not be taking part.

    2. On the Russian Wikipedia page for JESC 2013, it does say that EBU are awaiting rest of the paper work from San Marino, or something like that, before it was made official that Isreal had withdrew, the Russian page also mentioned Isreal was unlikely to participate and that they had spoken to the EBU. So from that there is a good chance the debut is San Marino. But why is Finland out of the question for a debut?

    1. sorry if I seem angry about it, I’m not. It is just Irish JESC participation seems very unlikely. So maybe Ireland could be on that list but that’s your choice (to writer)

      1. No that’s fine. I’ve added Ireland to the list as we understand that Ireland are not the 12th or 13th country now.

  3. Norway withdrew from the contest cause the EBU changed in 2006 a rule that allows Professional singers to Take part. So no Return!

  4. Return will be Serbia then and Debut will be San Marino. But then again i’d perfer to see Denmark be the returner as its western, we need more western countries, one of the 2 mystery countries has to be a western one, surely.

  5. Serbia will Not Return. Their participacion for esc 2014 is in Question because of Financial issues so no Return.

  6. So If poland,Serbia,UK,France,Croatia,Cyprus,Romania,Denmark and Belgium and the other countries will Not Return who will be it. They are all countries who have participated in Jesc.

  7. maybe the returner is the 13th the one which is unsure, and the more definite country, the 12th one, that will be announced this week is the debut. Meaning the returner could be a country we have thought would be unlikely to return.

  8. Theres only Romania or Serbia that could be returners, and San Marino, Germany or Bosnia Hezergovina been the debuts, but if San Marino is the debut country how the hell are they going to find a participant in time in San Marino? does Valentina have any children?

  9. At Oikotimes they Said that the Debuting country is a southeuropean Country. So they are Italy,Andorra and San Marino so probably San Marino. But how will they select the singer? San Marino has a Population of 30000.

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