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Israel Withdraws
Israel Withdraws

According to ESC+Plus, Israel have withdrawn from Junior Eurovision 2013. Israel had debuted at the 2012 contest with finishing in 8th place, Israel had been one of the favourites to win the contest. The news of the withdrawal was expected with IBA the Israeli national broadcaster being very quiet about the contest.

However we understand that if all goes to plan, the 12th competing country in this years contest will be revealed this week. Currently the EBU are just waiting for paperwork for this country before they announce the news.

Source: Esc+Plus

8 thoughts on “Israel: Withdraws From Junior Eurovision”

  1. So sad to hear this, I really thought they’d continue. I really hope this 12th country will be a surprise, personally. Maybe a debut? Who knows.

  2. I think its likely to be a Spanish return.

    These are the possibilities:

    Lithuania (Return)
    Spain (Return)
    Serbia (Return)
    Italy (Debut)
    Finland (Debut)

    Belgium may even end up reverting their decision to withdraw. I’d rather love to see a Western country debut or return rather than see an eastern country come along

  3. wouldnt it be good if Germany debuted at JESC, it surprises me why they never thought about doing it considering their recent success in ESC.

  4. We’re just going to have to wait and see, all that I understand is that there is another country being confirmed this week, but I don’t know if they are debuting or returning.

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