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Final November 21st

Tatarstan one of the 20 confirmed countries in Türkvizyon have confirmed that they will be holding a national final on November 21st. The show which is being organised by Maidan TV, will see a number of participants competing to represent Tarastan in Turkey.

There are three parts to the selection process. The first part is the submissions process, if you want to take part you must email TMT.maidan& with the song in mp3 form and your picture, as well as a video. The song must be between 3-4 minutes long and cannot be previously published, songs will be disqualified if they are deemed offensive.

The second part will see a professional jury look over the songs, if you make it to the next round you will be emailed and asked to pay 3,000 roubles to get to the next stage.

The national selection will also see acts who are taking part in Tatarstar a music competition for Tatarstan take part, those taking part in Tatarstar are:

  • Ramil Zakirov – Alga!
  • Salavat Minnehanov – Yoregende mine uryn tap
  • Guzel – Toshleremede Blues
  • Ilnazar – Ui – Mineko
  • Ilgaray – Kurmaganga salyshma

The final stage is the national final on November 21st at the Concert Hall of the State Philharmonic in Kazan , the winner will be chosen by a jury.

For more details about the rules or how to take part follow the link here. Official advert for the contest in Tarastan:

Source: Maidan TV


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