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Azerbaijan Stays On For 2013
Azerbaijan Stays On For 2013

Azerbaijan have today started the search for their Junior Eurovision 2013. Azerbaijan had been thought to be withdrawing from the contest due to coming second last in their debut in 2012. Auditions will be taking place tomorrow at Music School 2 at 13:00, children aged between 10 and 15 have been invited to take part.

It has however been confirmed to us that the paperwork for Azerbaijan to officially be confirmed has not yet been handed into the EBU. However Azerbaijan do have until November 1st at the latest to have the correct paperwork to be submitted, as well as their artist and song confirmed.


3 thoughts on “Azerbaijan: JESC Participant Search Begins”

  1. I am so glad. At least they didn’t give up. Giving up after 11th would have been a bit bad. Now all I wait for is Israel 😉 I have a feeling they are the 12th country but it could be something else.. 😉

    1. Well countries have until November 1st to have a song, artist and all the forms filled out. So there is a chance Israel could still be taking part.

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