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The Returning Artists, Why Would You Do It?

The Most Recent Nation Hoppers – Feminnem

Last time we looked at the artists that have made the progression from backing singer to lead singer. Today however we are looking at those artists who have come back but representing a different country.

There are some nations that are better at this nation hopping than others, and an era where it was far more likely to occur. Let’s take a look at Elisabeth Andreassen, she was born in Gothernburg, Sweden and went to the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time as part of the group “Chips” in 1982 for Sweden. She then returned in 1985 for Norway as part of “Bobbysocks” and won with “La Det Swinge”. In 1994 she returned again coming second with Jan Werner Danielsen and their song “Duett”, before finally returning in 1996 to come second again for Norway with “I evighet”. No happy with not being at Eurovision for a while she tried to represent Sweden again in 2002 and 2011 as well as Norway in 2003.

Another artist that has done nation hopping over the years is Eirikur Kauksson. In 1986 he represented Iceland as part of ICY on Iceland’s debut to the contest. He then went on to represent Norway in 1991 as part of “Just4Fun” coming back in 17th place. He then returned to represent his homeland again in 2007 with “Valentines Lost” coming 13th in the semi final.

The most recent band to jump around from one nation to another are Feminnem. The band which originates from Croatia were chosen to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2005 with “Call Me” finishing in 14th place in the final. In 2010 after two other attempts to represent Croatia at Eurovision they made it to Oslo with “Lako je sve” finishing in 13th place in the semi final.

And that’s it for this series, thank you very much for reading this series, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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