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The Returning Artists, Why Would You Do It?


The Woman Who Was The First Returning Winner
The Woman Who Was The First Returning Winner

It’s the summer so it’s time for another mini series, this year I shall be tackling the returning artists. As every fan knows most years you’ll see a familiar face from years gone by that has decided to come back and give it ago. Sometimes these returning artists do ok, but other times they really should have never come back.

So let’s have a look at those artists first who have won the contest and then decided to come back for another go, and be warned it’s never a good idea to do that.

Back in 1956 Lys Assia won the first ever Eurovision Song Contest with “Refrain”. Not only had she qualified with two songs for Switzerland that year, she’d also taken part in the German selection, seems she wasn’t happy with going for just one country. So again not happy with winning the 1956 contest Lys returned again for Switzerland in 1957 and came joint second last. You would have thought this would have taught Lys a lesson, but no she then decided to go again to Eurovision in 1958, but this time she came in second place just 3 points behind the winners France.

Lys then vanished off the face of Eurovision for a while until the mid 00s when she began making appearances again as the first winner of the contest. And it seems this got her excited in the contest again and she has now again tried to represent Switzerland twice. In 2012 she got to the Swiss National Final with “C’etait ma Vie” but did not win. Again in 2013 she entered a song for the Swiss selection called “All In Your Head” with the Hip Hop group New Jack, this didn’t even make it out of the selection stage. As much as most people would love to see Lys at Eurovision again, she’d be 90 if she represented anyone next year.

The Biggest Flop For A Former Winner

The most recent past winner to return to the contest is Dana International. She wont the 1998 contest in Birmingham with “Diva” becoming an instant Eurovision legend, and when it was announced she had entered the 2011 Israeli selection many hoped for another great result for Israel. Dana had come back to the contest in 2008 as the writer of the Israeli entry “Fire In Your Eyes”. When Dana got to the 2011 contest with “Ding Dong”, the fans saw her getting through to the final on their vote, however no one could have predicted how spectacularly she would fail to reach the final. Dana finished in 15th place with 38 points a full 16 points behind the 10th place qualifier.

Too many peoples shock when the full results of the televote and the jury vote were revealed, Dana had finished 11th in the public vote with 51 points and fourth last with the juries on just 36 points. If there was ever a lesson to stay away from Eurovision after winning this was it.

Saved By The Jury

There has now been a fair few very close calls in the semi finals with past Eurovision winners almost not making it to the final. Before Dana took part in 2011, Nimah Kavanagh the 1992 Eurovision winner returned to the contest with “It’s For You”. Nimah just managed to scrape through into the final coming joint 10th in the semi final. In the end Ireland finished 23rd in the final with 25 points, just 2 places above the bottom.

Even Sweden the power house of Eurovision has cheated elimination with a  former winner. Charlotte Perrelli represented Sweden again in 2008 with the song “Hero” which was one of the favouirtes to win however she ended up 12th in the semi final with 54 points, however the jury could save a song if they felt it deserved to be in the final, so Charlotte made it to the final. In the final “Hero” finished back in 18th place with just 47 points, the only consolidation for Charlotte was 12 points from Malta.

Next time we’ll be looking at those artists that have progressed from backing singer to lead singer.

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