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2014 Macau, 2015 Jakarta?

Yesterday it was revealed that Indonesia was bidding to the ABU to host the 2015 ABU TV Song Festival. They did not bid for 2014 as it has already been decided that the contest will be in Macau. If Indonesia win their bid, then the contest would be held separately to the ABU General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey.


3 thoughts on “Indonesia: Bid For The 2015 ATSF”

    1. It’d be interesting to see if by 2015 they have reached the stage of changing it from more or a showcase to a contest. The whole concept does seem to be paving the way for a Eurovision style contest for Asia.

  1. ISTANBUL 2015.

    Venue: Mydonose Showland (1,800 people. Original venue for Eurovision 2004.)

    Presenters: Eldar Gasimov
    Jamaica Dela Cruz

    Participating Countries: 17

    Debuting Countries: Turkey
    Returning Countries: Malaysia

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