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Austria: ORF Looking At An Internal Selection

Return To An Internal Selection?
Return To An Internal Selection?

Reports today in the Austrian media say that the Austrian broadcaster are turning to an internal selection for 2014. This year Austria choose their Eurovision entrant Natalia Kelly through a live national selection. It is interesting to note that the five acts taking part in the live selection said that the process was the only Music show on ORF.

Austria on their return in 2011 used an open selection and qualified for the final with Nadine Beiler and finishing 18th with 64 points. Since then Austria has failed to qualify for the final coming last in 2012 and 14th this year.

If ORF returned to an internal selection it would be the first internal selection since 1999.

3 thoughts on “Austria: ORF Looking At An Internal Selection”

  1. Hey guys,
    thanks for the news, but I have a question. I’m from austria and I haven’t found a report in our medias saying the stuff you write about.
    Do you have any sources for your information? Would like to read about it.


    1. Hi,
      I do remember reading one of the newspapers which had something on it, but I can’t remember exactly which one it was.

  2. Hey,
    ‘cos I searched after a article which contains these informations and I haven’t found one. Our broadcaster ORF is keeping silent about a participation in 2014 and the boss of the austrian broadcaster, Alexander Wrabetz, gave recently a interview thinking about backtracking of the ESC 2014 because of financial reasons.
    So I’m not quite sure if those informations are correct. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Greetings from Austria

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