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Belarus: President Lukashenko Gets Involved In The Voting Controversy

Belarus Deserved Points From Russia
Belarus Deserved Points From Russia

Belarus are now the latest country to become involved in voting controversy surrounding the points awarded in the Eurovision final. Belarus received no points at all from Russia, which has lead to a statement by the Belorussian president Alexander Lukashenko. He said today that:

No matter how our representative has performed at such public events watched by millions of people, we should be very appreciative. After all, there were many great things about the performance of our girl at this contest. However, you should never take such results too close to heart

He then accused the votes that were announced in the final as being falsified:

I know what you feel, Alyona, about the way Russia voted. You can take these 12 points, not less. This demonstrates how politicized and even falsified this contest is. Those who read news have probably learnt about a scandal around the falsification of voting results that broke out in one of the participating states. I am not even talking about the geographical voting principle. Therefore, you should take it easy, just listen and enjoy the music and performers. I do not want to cast a doubt and question the winning entry. Indeed, the girl from Denmark was very good and her performance was great. However, our girl was just as good. Therefore, I suggest we should stay cool and calm regarding such voting results.

Azerbaijan also ordered a recount of the vote and is looking into why they gave 0 points to Russia.

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