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San Marino: 2014 Participation Is Confirmed

She Can Represent San Marino Again
She Can Represent San Marino Again

After rumors that San Marino would withdraw from the contest, the head of SMtv the broadcast for San Marino have confirmed their participation for next years contest. Carlo Romeo the Head of Delegation said that he would be happy to see Valentina Monetta represent San Marino for a third time:

If Valentina Monetta agrees, it is not a problem for us to have her for next year […] For us, Valentina won, she was great and she could have not done much more. Her staff has done a great job and we would be happy to have her again.

Mr Romeo goes on to say that with time and hard work that San Marino could make it to the final. He says that it is worth the time and money, because of the representation it gives the nation on the internet and on television. Valentina responded to Carlo’s comments with:

Right now I am not ready to say yes or no to a third time, I will calmly evaluate the different proposals. For the time being I can only say that my team and I have won because we have done the best we could and the comments on our performance were more than positive

San Marino are now the 10th country to confirm their participation for Eurovision 2014.

Source: Giornarle

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