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Norway: 1.65 Million Viewed The Final

Up 500,000 On Last Year
Up 500,000 On Last Year

NRK of Norway have announced that a total of 1.65 million people watched the Eurovision final. The average viewing figures for the final exceeded 1.5 million and achieved a total share of 84.2%. This is up on last year when just over a million people watched Tooji in Baku.

Viewing numbers for the semifinals were also released today. Semi Final 1 reached 538,000 viewers whilst Semi Final 2 had viewing figures of 934,00, this was the semi final Norway took part in.

Stian Malme, NRK’s ​​project manager for the Eurovision Song Contest, described the numbers as “formidable figures”, he went on to say that:

It is absolutely fantastic! Margaret has been high on betting charts since February and we have received very good press. So I understand that many turned the TV on Saturday night

Source: NRK 

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