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Italy: Their Jury Didn’t Meet The EBU Rules

Another Issue With The Voting
Another Issue With The Voting

The Italian Jury that was used to allocate 50% of the votes on Saturday night appears not to have met the EBU rules on how the jury should be made up. All of the Italian jury members Paolo Giordano (chairman), Gianni Sibilla, Luca Dondoni, Fabrizio Basso and Luigi Bolognini are all journalists and music critics Whilt the EBU rules state that they should be either a:

radio DJ, artist, composer, author of lyrics or music producer

Also all of the jury are made up of male members, which also violates another EBU rule about the jury which says that

There shall be a balance among the members of each National Jury to ensure sufficient representation in terms of gender, age and background

Source: Wiwiblogs

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