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Denmark: 1.7 Million Watched Emmelie Win

Emmelie Brought 700,000 More Viewers
Emmelie Brought 700,000 More Viewers

A total of 1.701 million Danes watched Emmelie De Forest win the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. These figures show a massive increase of over 700,000 viewers over last year when just 990,000 people watched the 2012 contest.This equates to the largest viewing figures in years. However it is still far below the highest viewing figure of 2,667,000 when Denmark hosted the contest backed in 2001.

The viewing figures for the 1st semi final were also revealed to be 929,000 this is up on 798,00 last year when Soluna Samay qualified for the final. Interestingly the DR Eurovision website also received 401,000 hits last week in the build up to the contest.

Source: DR

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