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Azerbaijan: President Orders Recount Of Votes

She May Be Getting More Points
She May Be Getting More Points

The Azerbaijan President has stepped in to the Eurovision voting after Azerbaijan gave 0 points to Russia during the final on Saturday night. The Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia said

“”I myself, as a musician and as a cultural figure, was surprised: it cannot be that Azerbaijan gives no vote for Russia. Moreover, Russia acted very well, and as a result gained the fifth place. Our President has instructed to deal with this issue. Azerbaijan voted for Russia, and there are a certain number of votes, but the fact is that all of these votes are counted in Germany, and from there, so to speak, are given as the final result”

They are now recounting the votes in Azerbaijan to work out whether or not the data was correct. What appears to have happened is that the new vote calculation method may have placed Russia just outside of the points scoring positions.


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