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Netherlands: NOS Calls Plagiarism On Demark


Is It Plagiarism?

The Dutch TV network NOS have called plagiarism on the winning Danish entry to Eurovision “Only Teardrops”. They say that the song is very similar to that of the Dutch pop group K-Otic who sang “I Surrender”. A number of other Dutch papers have now picked up on the story.

Siestse Bakker from the EBU is has been quoted by the Dutch news channel as saying that “There is a difference between plagiarism and songs that sound similar. Such claims are made every year. From my experience, the conclusion always is that the songs sound alike, but it’s not plagiarism.” He added, that on the other hand “The original songwriters have to go to court, which must determine whether there is plagiarism.”

Listen to the K-Otic song below:

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