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Review: Spain, Germany, Sweden


Our Final Thoughts
Our Final Thoughts

Yesterday we looked at the songs from the UK, France and Italy so today we must look at the rest of the Big 5 and the host nation Sweden. So today we are reviewing the entries from Spain, Germany and Sweden. As per usual the scores will be from 1-8, 10 or 12 points. So let’s begin with Spain:

  • County: Spain
  • Song: Contigo hasta el final
  • Artist: ESDM
  • Composer(s): David Feito, Raquel del Rosario, Juan Luis Suárez
  • Lyricist(s): David Feito, Raquel del Rosario, Juan Luis Suárez
  • Performing: ? in the Final

Anthony: This song it okay, it’s got a nice feel to it, but it doesn’t make me go “Yes I must vote for this”. It just takes too long to do anything for me, you send 30 seconds waiting for any singing to take place and another minute until you even reach the 1st chorus. As much as this entry is pleasant it just doesn’t wow me, it leaves me thinking “that was nice, I wonder what is next”. Spain will probably find it’self in the late teens or early 20s with this song, it just wont connect with the televoters on the night that well. Sorry it’s only 4 points from me.

Bruce: This year’s Spanish entry has a relaxing feeling and a wonderful steady opening beat. A totally different feel from 2011’s funky song and 2012’s sad ballad. What I love most about this song is the gradual change of tempo from acoustic guitars too electronic, turning the song’s overall theme from one to anther. It almost ends as an indie rock, but starts off more indie folk and it is a little saddening the peak of the song lasts for only a brief period of time. I tend to never remember the Spanish entries, but I really do like this one and I hope that they pull this off without flaw on the big day. 8 Points!

  • County: Germany
  • Song: Glorious
  • Artist: Cascada
  • Composer(s): Yann Peifer, Manuel Reuter, Andres Ballinas, Tony Cornelissen
  • Lyricist(s): Yann Peifer, Manuel Reuter, Andres Ballinas, Tony Cornelissen
  • Performing: ? in the Final

Anthony: This is one of my favourites to win, we know that Cascada can perform this well on stage, they have been selling out arenas for years. The song is not a rip off of “Euphoria” it is a perfectly good pop song. I will admit it is very catchy and has been one of the few songs that I will listen to a few times per week. Germany have to be looking at this with the potential to win this year and have it back in Germany just 3 years after last hosting the contest. This is what you expect a Eurovision entry to be on the whole, and it is something that the UK could really do with learning from. This has to be in the top.5 next Saturday unless it is performed awfully on the night. It’s 10 points from me.

Bruce: Glorious, personally I find this the closest song too last year’s winning Euphoria this year – in more ways than one. The chorus especially is sung so similar – the only difference too my ears is the word. Setting aside similarities of song, I can’t think of much wrong with the song. The vocals are clear and although the overall musical side isn’t very complicated in my opinion, the tones of voice really boost the high tempo tack. 7 points.

  • County: Sweden
  • Song: You
  • Artist: Robin Stjernberg
  • Composer(s):Robin Stjernberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Joakim Harestad Haukaas
  • Lyricist(s): Robin Stjernberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Joakim Harestad Haukaas
  • Performing: 16th in the Final

Anthony: I must admit that I love this song, I never saw the appeal of Yohio. Robin has a brilliant voice to be able to hit the high notes perfectly each time and if he can pull it off next Saturday, Sweden could be on for another win. This song has universal appeal, it’s a good pop song, it’s gonna have some great staging and the Malmo Arena will literally go mad when he performs. I would honestly be very happy to see Sweden do the double and win the contest, Robin seems to be a very genuine person and you need that from a potential winner. I will be giving Sweden 10 points, well done and good luck.

Bruce: I am nowhere near as confident in this year’s Swedish entry as I was last year. I don’t know about anybody else, but the way the song is constructed seems to me to be inspired by last year’s Euphoria – perhaps it’s the main verse being simply “Because of You”. The quick tempo seems to aspire to make the song more upbeat and succeeds in doing so too a degree. However, it feels like the lyrics might be better of sang too a more a sadder tune to emphasise the power behind the lyrics. But, I will admit the song is a little catchy beyond the gentle opening and this certainly will play as an advantage. I guess it’s because “Because of You” is a common sentence used in blame, who’s not said it once? – And the varying tones that he sang it with at the summit of the song really do help emphasise it. 6 Points.

That leave’s the scores as:

  1. Germany – 17 points
  2. Sweden – 16 points
  3. Spain – 12 points

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