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It's Review 6 - Can Siegel Impress Us?
It’s Review 6 – Can Siegel Impress Us?

We are back again with another 3 countries and their songs and we will once again be giving our thoughts on them. Again William from Canada will be joining me as we look at the songs from Georgia, San Marino and Lithuania. So we will be scoring the songs from 1-8, 10 and 12. So let’s begin:

  • Country: Georgia
  • Song: Waterfall
  • Artist: Nodi & Sopho
  • Composer: Thomas G:son, Erik Bernholm
  • Lyricist(s): Thomas G:son
  • Performing: 15th in the 2nd semi final

Anthony: This is going to be one of those instant classics, it’s got the class of last year’s G:son ballad and I do love every minute of this song. This is the one song this year that has a duet, it work’s brilliantly and I can picture the staging of this song and don’t worry there will be wind machines. Nodi and Sopho have proved that they can sing live already through their appearance on Georgian television. This is a million miles away from their entry last year and thank god for that. Well done Georgia you have redeemed yourself and can expect your annual 12 points from Lithuania. This is going to be 8 points from me.

William: Here we have “Waterfall”, also known as a combination of G:son’s most (only) popular ballads, “In a Moment Like This” and “Quédate conmigo”. Stealing most of the lyrics from “In a Moment Like This” and having basically the same structure as “Quédate conmigo”. I guess this means it has wonderful chances to do well, and Georgia has done much better lately in Eurovision than Denmark and Georgia. I think this song has the best shot at bringing Georgia their best result yet. The accents are a bit worrying for their western chances, but the ex-Soviet bloc voting is strong. Nonetheless, this is the type of ballad that I feel I am a total sucker for. Starts out slow and then heats up quickly towards the end while the singers profess their love. Their accents only mystify the song a bit more and add a touch I quite like. 10 points from me.

  • Country: Lithuania
  • Song: Something
  • Artist: Andrius Pojavis
  • Composer: Andrius Pojavis
  • Lyricist(s): Andrius Pojavis
  • Performing: 10th in the 1st semi final

Anthony: To start if you didn’t notice his constant eyebrow movements go back and watch the video. This is another song that before watching the video I could not remember a single chunk of the song and that really doesn’t bode well. “Something” just leaves me empty about this song, it lacks memorability, Andrius’s voice doesn’t do anything. He seems to just be talking through the song, it’s bland, it’s boring and sorry Lithuania you’re going to be staying in the semi final. It’s a dismal 3 points from me.

William: “Something” is a different style of song, rare in Eurovision. I honestly can’t describe it, it is a nice song in the Indie genre. But I honestly don’t buy it. It’s lacking a real hook or anything of interest. Slow and repeating, no beat drop or catchy rhythm. Another song which will get lost in the semi-final. 2 points from me.

  • Country: San Marino
  • Song: Crisalide (Vola)
  • Artist: Valentina Monetta
  • Composer: Ralph Siegel
  • Lyricist(s): Mauro Balestri
  • Performing: 2nd in the 2nd semi final

Anthony: To start this a frankly beautiful Italian ballad and Italian just works brilliantly went it comes to music. Valentina is able in this song to show off her voice unlike last year, now I’m not going to go into detail about last year but she was a last-minute choice for the song. For the first part of this song to work, she needs to give an emotional performance that captures the view like France in 2009. The issue with this song is when it changes at the 2 minute mark, if it had stayed as a ballad this would have been a question mark qualifier, now that it goes more pop it has a greater chance of qualifying. I can’t work out really whether I love this song or not. Yes it’s miles better than last year, but does it work well as a song? I’m gonna have to say no. It feels a bit sellotaped together, regardless I feel San Marino will still make it to the final. It’s going to be 5 points from me.

William: I always love it when an artist returns to Eurovision, especially one that didn’t qualify before. This time for good because “Crisalide” is no doubt the best entry from San Marino. After “The Social Network Song” from last year, I did not have high hopes for this when it was announced that Valentina Monetta would be representing San Marino again. Was I wrong though. This medley of a song starts off as a nice Italian ballad and then changes, rather gracefully, into an uptempo epic conclusion. The biggest surprise in the NF season no doubt. The song, despite being one of the best this year, unfortunately will have a hard time doing good. San Marino has no voting allies, and if it manages to get to the final, Italy has sent another Italian ballad. Although I feel “Crisalide” superior to “L’essenziale”, Italy has a much bigger voting influence and a better record with staging. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful song with a wonderful amount of changes and interest. A well deserved 10 points to San Marino!

So the final score’s are:

  1. Georgia – 18 points
  2. San Marino – 15 points
  3. Lithuania – 5 points

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