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Review: Part 1 – Malta, Serbia & Estonia


And We're Off With Review No.1
And We’re Off With Review No.1

It’s now one week on from the last national final of the Eurovision season and it is time to start to have a look over all of the entries. Like previous years this means that we will be reviewing all of the songs with the help of a number of guests. This year’s reviews come with a slight change, instead of ranking songs out of 10, we shall now use the Eurovision scoring method, so we will award 1-7, 8, 10 or 12 points.

Today we will be reviewing the first 3 of 39 countries taking part this year, these countries are Malta, Serbia and Estonia. So we will be looking at a ballad, a  pop number and a nice toe tapper. Joining myself today in reviewing this song is Bruce from the UK a reviewer of ESC entries.

  • Country: Malta
  • Song: Tomorrow
  • Artist: Gianluca Bezzina
  • Language: English
  • Composer(s): Boris Cezek, Dean Muscat
  • Lyricist(s): Boris Cezek, Dean Muscat
  • Performing in: 2nd semi final

Anthony: This is a song that I just really love, it’s cute, it’s simple and it’s just a great little number. Gianluca has a really good voice and this is definitely a song that could just make it into the final. It’s got charm and character something that should really make it stand out during the second semi final. What I fear is that during that semi final it may be stuck before a big number like Finland or Norway and get completely forgotten. Regardless it’s getting 10 points from me.

Bruce: This is the kind of song you might find ending up in my “Eurovision Favourites” playlist on Spotify. It has a wonderful, cheerful indie folk style rhythm that I like very much. I also enjoyed the rhyming in the lyrics giving the song a rather joyful bonus. I’m not too sure about the lyrics, but they are sung in a wonderful and clear way that whatever they may be, they sound above decent. I’m not saying this is my absolute favourite, but I am inclined to say this is definitely a nice song. Well done Malta, I praise you with a mind blowing score of 10.

  • Country: Serbia
  • Song: Ljubav je svuda
  • Artist: Moje 3
  • Language: Serbian
  • Composer(s): Saša Milošević
  • Lyricist(s): Marina Tucaković
  • Performing in: 1st semi final

Anthony: It’s the first time we have a had a pop number in Serbian and I’m just not sure it works. This song just doesn’t flow well in my opinion, the chorus seems very odd and the overall presentation of the song isn’t great at all. I know that they will work on that for Malmo and that the presentation of the song will change but it just shows this song needs something extra. At the minute it’s just a pop song that seems very patchy. It’s only 4 points from me, but will probably get to the final because of it being Serbia.

Bruce: Upbeat-Upbeat-Downbeat-Downbeat…seems too be the pattern for the song – or so it feels to me. Not knowing any Serbian, means the words sadly do not mean anything to me and this song seems composed and held together by the singing as there is not much else too it. The background track is rather repetitive and basic and the good bits of it are drowned in singing. It seems to be a basic and average pop song to me. I don’t like giving low points, but I’m sorry, this only gets a 3 from me.

  • Country: Estonia
  • Song: Et uus saaks alguse
  • Artist: Birgit Õigemeel
  • Language: Estonia
  • Composer(s): Mihkel Mattisen, Silvia Soro
  • Lyricist(s): Mihkel Mattisen, Silvia Soro
  • Performing in: 1st semi final

Anthony: Now I do remember watching the Eesti Laul final and for me this would have been my second choice. While it is a nice ballad, this one being in the 1st semi final it has more of a chance of getting to the final. However it just doesn’t have enough of an impact on me, whilst lots of people would have wanted Winny Puuh I feel that Grete Paia would work better. I’m sorry Estonia but this ballad just doesn’t stand out enough. It’s only 3 points from me.

Bruce: Again, I sadly don’t understand the lyrics. I found this song cheerfully saddening the first time I listened too it. The background piano and various hints of string instruments blend well with singer, crafting this into a decent submission to Eurovision. It is composed to have a small but noticeable build up, that I find charming. I cannot figure if I should walk away crying or if it was a hopeful happy song. I’m not confident this is a winner, but I feel it is probably not a looser. A modest 6 from me.

So in the end the results of the review are:

  1. Malta – 20 points
  2. Estonia – 9 points
  3. Serbia – 7 points

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