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He’s Flying The Flag For Ireland

Ryan Dolan was selected as the artist to represent Ireland at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest last night with the song “Only Love Survives”. A total of five acts took part in the “Late Late Show” Eurosong show.

Here are the full results:

  1. Ryan Dolan – 112 points
  2. Aimee Fitzpatrick – 104 points
  3. Kasey – 76 points
  4. Inquechin – 54 points
  5. Zoë Alexis – 54 points

The juries from Limerick and Dublin gave Ryan full marks, whilst he came 2nd in Cork and Galway, and third in Dundalk giving him a total of 52 points. He was behind Aimee Fitzpatrick who had received 12 points from the other three juries and had 54 points at this stage. Ryan then went on to top the televote thus winning the contest by 8 points.

Here is his song:

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