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The Netherlands: Anouk Reacts To Tore

Tore Got The Song Name Wrong
Tore Got The Song Name Wrong

This morning Anouk the entrant to Eurovision 2013 from the Netherlands reacted to the comments made by one of the two producers behind her Eurovision entry.

Yesterday Tore Johannson told the Swedish magazine Sydsvenskan that:

We have no chance to win the competition. This is sophisticated music with lots of chords, not music that wins the Eurovision Song Contest. It is also one original song while everything else that is written to the ESC are copies of an old here because it is the surest way to make a new hit on.

Today Anouk reacted via Facebook with:

I just heard that my producer Tore thinks our song is too good to win the Eurovision songfestival. Is that even possible? Have Faith young Skywalker! The force is strong with this one :-)

By The way the song is called Birds and not Birds Falling Down. Have a Magnificent Day!

The song “Birds” will be revealed during March.

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