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Thank You For An Amazing 2012

Thanks Everyone

Well today is the 31st of December, 2012 which means that we are on the last day of 2012 and for us at Eurovoix is has been an amazing year. So it’s time to reflect on 2012.

We started this year as a very small site getting 50 views per day and not making that big of an impact but still with a huge amount of enthusiasm. It was the start of our first full coverage of the build up to Eurovision and it really was a learning curve for myself. I never realised before how busy it got during the first months of the year and was ever so slightly overwhelmed, but during that time I felt that I was really enjoying doing what I do and it was all worthwhile.

By the time we reached May we had our first attempt at reviewing songs and well that was a laugh, I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the reviews. I really was not expecting anything like what happened during that month to the site, through the month we reached over 17,000 views and had our busiest day to date 3,787 views.

We then hit the low time of the year in the very quiet summer months but still managed to amuse myself with a 10 article series called “Why Did You Send That?”. It was also a time of year where we could reflect back on the contest and a time for me to still be shocked by how quickly it all went by.

October saw the first ever ABU Radio Song Contest and ABU TV Song Festival, it was different and interesting and is definetly something that we want to cover better next year so we shall be looking at how to do that in the coming months.

Then came December and the 2nd Junior Eurovision Song Contest that we covered and all I can say is that we did get our predictions very wrong for that one. We said that the Netherlands would win, they came 6th and we said that Ukraine would be 10th and they won it by a landslide. We did a very extensive coverage of the event with facts in the build up to the contest, a look back at all the countries that have taken part and also reviewed the songs.

All I can say is a massive thank you to everyone, all 78,000 of you who have been on the site this year and shown to me that people are willing to read what I write. I hope that you’ll stick with us through 2013 and I am really looking forward to continuing to cover the contest.

Thanks, Anthony.

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