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Bosnia & Herzegovina: BHRT Say ‘Only we can select an entry for Eurovision’

Participation Will Not Happen

BHRT have responded to the offers to take over the selection of the Bosnian entrant as well as the offers from bands to take part in Eurovision and fund themselves. They have responded by saying that only they can select an entry for Eurovision.

The Bosnian Head of Delegation, Mrs. Lejla A. Babović, said “This right can not be passed on to anyone else. Just as the National Football Association are the only ones who can send a BIH team to European and World Cups, BHRT are the only ones who can select and send an entry for Eurovision”

She went on to say in reaction to Zooster who offered to take part in Eurovision “The artists have to be accomodated in one of the official hotels of Eurovision, and that is a system everyone has to respect. The rules of the EBU are that they allocate official hotels for the delegations, fans and journalists, and those are the only hotels you can stay in.”

She finally went on to say “Eurovision is an institution. If we are not able to go this year, let’s start preparing ourselves already in spring. I’m up for promoting our country in every possible way, but if we are unable to do so the way we know and the way we can, it is better to withdraw for a year.”

It now seems that Bosnia & Herzegovina will not be taking part at all in Eurovision 2013 despite the best intentions of a number of broadcasters and bands in the Balkan nation.

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