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Two More Offers To BHRT

After the news yesterday that BHRT would not be taking part in Eurovision 2013, a number of offers have been made to the channel to take over the task, yesterday RTRS said that they would take over Bosnian participation.

Now FaceTV have come forward with an offer to host a national selection with between 15-20 songs in front of an audience in Skenderija or Zetra. This offer would also involve giving BHRT the broadcasting rights to the show and also paying the 25,000 Euro participation fee for Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Another offer comes directly from the band Zoster who said they would pay for the flights, accommodation and more by themselves and if necessary would even pay for the Bosnian participation fee.

There has so far been no reaction from BHRT, however it is clear that Bosnian &  Herzegovinan participation in Eurovision is key to the nation as shown by these offers.


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