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JESC’12: Which Is The Best Running Spot?

Does It Really Effect Your Chances?

The Running Order of the show can have a big impact on where a country finishes in the contest, slot number and number 2 are known as death slots, countries find it very hard to do well from them. So what we are going to do is look back at all of the contest from 2011-2003 and see where the best placing is for a song in that position  the worst placing and the overall average placing. We will do this start with slot one through to slot number 12.

Slot 1:

  • Best Result: 4th in 2007 & 2011
  • Worst Result: 14th in 2006
  • Average Result (rounded): 7th

So on the whole Slot 1 is not a bad slot, most countries here ended up finishing in the middle of the board. In the past three years countries performing here have finished sixth twice and fourth once.

Slot 2:

  • Best Result: 1st in 2003
  • Worst Result: 15th in 2007
  • Average Result (rounded): 8th

Slot 2 may have seen a win in 2003 but since then it’s not been so great, it has seen a 2nd place in 2009 but in the past two contests it has seen an 8th place and a 13th place finish. Which does not bode too well for Sweden tonight.

Slot 3:

  • Best Result: 2nd in 2009 & 2007
  • Worst Result: 14th in 2003
  • Average Result (rounded): 8th

Slot three at the start of the contest had a very bad reputation with no one getting into the top.10 for four years. In the past three years it’s done a bit better a 2nd in 2009, 9th in 2010 and a 6th place in 2011. It’s okay but it’s not a stand out slot.

Slot 4:

  • Best Result: 3rd in 2010
  • Worst Result: 16th in 2004
  • Average Result (rounded): 10th

This is a very poor slot to be performing in historically, it has seen some of the worst results in JESC here. However when you have a stand out song you can get into the top.5. A 3rd place in 2010 and a 5th place in 2011 show that you can do okay from here but not win.

Slot 5:

  • Best Result: 6th in 2009
  • Worst Result: 14th in 2005, 2008 & 2010
  • Average Result (rounded): 12th

This is more or less the worst slot possible to be performing in. It has seen the a lot of very bad results, it seems like no song can break into the top.5 from this slot. So who is in this running slot tonight? It is Russia, could they win from here and can get they get into the top.5, it seems very hard if you just look at past results.

Slot 6:

  • Best Result: 1st in 2008
  • Worst Result: 15th in 2005
  • Average Result (rounded): 8th

So we have seen a winner from this slot, but in the past three years no one has made it into the top 10 from this slot. This is a bit worrying for Israel especially as it’s at the middle of the show when the advert break takes place after this song.

Slot 7:

  • Best Result: 1st in 2009
  • Worst Result: 16th in 2003
  • Average Result (rounded): 8th

It’s an improving slot position in recent years. It saw a win in 2009 and a 2nd place in 2010, however in 2011 it saw a last place song. To make this slot work you need a song that has some oomph behind it and is memorable, otherwise you are very quickly forgotten.

Slot 8:

  • Best Result: 7th in 2007
  • Worst Result: 17th in 2004
  • Average Result (rounded): 12th

This is another very poor slot position, in its history it has only seen two songs place within the top.10. It’s at that point in the show where people are beginning to forget what the first couple of songs were and are beginning to wonder when the end is. Tonight Armenia are in this slot and with a song that’s not particularly memorable it may struggle.

Slot 9:

  • Best Result: 2nd in 2003 & 2011
  • Worst Result: 15th in 2006
  • Average Result (rounded): 7th

This is a very mismatched slot it can go from very close to winning to dead last from year to year. Whilst your nearing the end of the contest you now have the chance for a decent mid table result. In the song recap you are one of the last song may be remembered during the televote stage.

Slot 10:

  • Best Result: 1st in 2010
  • Worst Result: 14th in 2004
  • Average Result (rounded): 7th

While the average may disagree this a very good slot to be in during the past couple of years. It has seen top.5 placings for the past four years running and top.3 finishes in three out of the past nine contents. You have a very good chance of winning the contest from here. Tonight Georgia is in this slot.

Slot 11:

  • Best Result: 3rd in 2004
  • Worst Result: 13th in 2006, 2008 & 2010
  • Average Result (rounded): 9th

And now we hit another one of those you either do okay or you do very badly slots. This slot always appears to be overshadowed by the song before or the song after. In the past three years we have seen a 4th place, a 13th place and a 9th place finish. This is a slot you’ll see a middle of the table finish from.

Slot 12:

  • Best Result: 1st in 2011
  • Worst Result: 17th in 2004
  • Average Result (rounded): 6th

Last year we saw the winner of the contest perform in this slot and this year we see the host nation perform in this slot. Now the Netherlands will get huge backing within the arena tonight, and the past shows that 5 out of the last nine times it has produced a top.5 finisher.

So overall it appears that the best slot if we go by the average is slot number 12 and by far the worst slot is slot number 8. But who knows about what will happen tonight we will just have to wait and see.

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