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It Was An Amazing Contest

If we are all honest next to nobody predicted that Ukraine would actually win the contest, looking back through what was said in the build up. If we look back at what we predicted her back in 10th place, looks like we were wrong. So anyway here are the results from the show:

  1. Ukraine – 138 points
  2. Georgia – 103 points
  3. Armenia – 93 points
  4. Russia – 98 points
  5. Belgium – 72 points
  6. Sweden – 70 points
  7. The Netherlands – 69 points
  8. Israel – 68 points
  9. Belarus – 52 points
  10. Moldova – 52 points
  11. Azerbaijan – 49 points
  12. Albania – 35 points

So now lets have a look in reverse order and see how each country has done tonight.

12th – Albania – 35 points:

When Albania got 12 points from Azerbaijan we were all shocked to say the least, we knew that Azerbaijan would not give Armenia any points, but I personally was expecting to see Igzidora given 2 or 3 points. To be fair her performance was hugely improved since the Albanian national final and she did the best she could on the stage by herself. I do wonder however if this will be the one and only time Albania give Junior Eurovision a go now.

11th – Azerbaijan – 49 points:

Maybe it was just way too over produced, it did not receive 12 points from anyone and never really made it’s way very high up the score board. It shows that the method that Azerbaijan uses for Eurovision does not work for Junior Eurovision. The song for me was always just a bit awkward, there was something about it on stage that just did not sit well for me. Azerbaijan will really have to look at the way they approach the contest in the future.

10th – Moldova – 52 points:

Another country that did worse than we predicted, we gave Moldova 5th place during our voting. It was a good song from Moldova but maybe it was just that bit too forgettable, Moldova did have a far larger production this year on stage, but it didn’t pay off. Denis still has a brilliant voice and we can’t get away from that but on the night.

9th – Belarus – 52 points:

This is a wake up call for Belarus really, they sent a song that was made for JESC and it did not work for them. It was a good catchy number to start the show but starting the show meant that it was just forgotten very quickly during the vote. We had predicted Belarus in one of the last two places tonight, but it seems that we were wrong again. This probably wont put off Belarus from the contest.

8th – Israel – 68 points:

Ohh what happened here, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the performance and when I saw it tonight I really thought, this can win. The running order of the song did not help it out, coming straight after Russia was never going to go too well for any of the entries. It was good to see Israel in the contest and it will be even better to see them again next year, wherever that may be.

7th – The Netherlands – 69 points:

And the host nations curse seems to continue, no host country has ever managed to get into the top.3 of their own contest and the Netherlands could not do it tonight. The one thing that let this song down was at points Femke’s voice, it did give out in places and I did feel sorry for her. As much as the home support helped her on stage, their reaction in the hall during the voting was a bit off. Anyway it was sad to see Femke placed down this low, but we will be seeing the Netherlands again next year.

6th – Sweden – 70 points:

I have just realised that we actually predicted a country in the right place. This also happens to be Sweden’s joint second best result at Junior Eurovision ever. I think that the 12 points tonight from Albania was the icing on the cake for Lova and “Mitt Mod”. I feared at the start of the night that another poor result for Sweden like last year would send them out of the contest, but this result will be something that Sweden will build upon.

5th – Belgium – 72 points:

Belgium have managed to get themselves back into the top.5 after not finishing within it since 2009. Abracadbra was another song that we thought would place within the top.5 tonight and we go it right. Fabian and the performance of the song was very good, the magic tricks were a very nice touch from the Belgium. Belgium will be happy with how tonight went, I must add that it was odd not to see the normal exchange of 12 points that you expect between Belgium and the Netherlands.

4th – Russia – 88 points:

Now this was a very proffesionally staged song, but it suffered from what Erik Rapp and “Faller” suffered from last year and just being too over produced for Junior Eurovision. I was expecting this to be the runaway winner tonight but it did not get a single 12 point from any countries. This was a huge surprise to me as we normally see 12 points going between most eastern nations and Russia, the shock of just 2 points from Azerbaijan may have hurt. Ohh well, well done to Lerika anyway and maybe we shall see her at Eurovision in the future.

3rd – Armenia – 93 points:

If I am brutally honest I thought Armenia’s performance tonight was just hard to watch, the miming of instruments, the moments where the miming got out of time with the backing track, i really thought that Armenia would be punished for making these mistakes. But they still got 2 sets of 12 points from Ukraine and Armenia. This was another one of these songs that I was never sure how it would do, I would be interested to see a televote and jury vote split. Well done Armenia for another impressive result.

2nd – Georgia – 103 points

Now when the Kid’s jury gave this 12 points there was that moment of here we go again, Georgia is going to win the contest again. Now I have nothing against Georgia, but this song for me was one of the worst that they have ever sent. It just did not seem to flow, the boy in the group was incredibly annoying and the only redeeming part of the song was the chorus. It will be interesting to see the contest in Georgia next year, a new country for Eurovision to go to.

1st – Ukraine – 138 points

At last Ukraine, I really thought this song was not going to work at all at JESC, but it did spectacularly. 8 sets of 12 points , now means that Ukraine has is tied with Spain for the highest number of 12’s in one contest. Anastasia tonight has a huge presence on stage, the camera angles were amazing and outstanding, there were moments where I did wonder whether this was actually a music video. She may just be a “Small Ukrainian Girl” but my god she has one hell of a voice. Ukraine are a well deserving winner.

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  1. Nice analysis! I have to point out that Lova’s 6th is shared with Mimmi Sanden’s of 2009 as Sweden’s second best JESC result ever. Their best was 3rd in 2006.

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