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JESC’12: A Few Facts You Didn’t Know

Five More Facts To Keep You Going

It is now just three days until Junior Eurovision 2012 and since the start of the week we have been bringing you five facts per day about the contest that you may not have known. So today it’s time for another five facts:

  1. Junior Eurovision can trace it’s way back to a Danish song contest for children back in 2000, this was then expanded into a Scandinavian contest called MGP Nordic and then onto a European Scale with Junior Eurovision.
  2. Only two countries to date have been allowed to sing in 100% English  these are the United Kingdom and Malta. This is because one of their official language’s is English.
  3. Spain and Georgia hold the record for the most 12 points in one contest, they both received 8 sets of 12s. This happened for Spain in 2004 and for Georgia in 2008.
  4. The lowest ever score in JESC was just 3 points, this has happen to two countries, for Poland it happened twice, the first time in 2003 and then the following year in 2004. The other country to receive just 3 points was Latvia.
  5. The most countries to withdraw from the contest in one go is five, this happened in 2006 when Denmark, Latvia, Serbia & Montenegro, Norway and the United Kingdom left.

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