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JESC’12: A Few Facts You Didn’t Know

I Bet You Didn’t Know Some Of These

It’s now just a few days till Junior Eurovision 2012 and to get you in the mood for the contest on Saturday we have decided to bring you a few facts about the contest that you may not know. So here are today’s five:

  1. On Saturday night we will hear Azerbaijani in a Eurovision song for the first time ever.
  2. It is now impossible to get nul points at JESC, since 2005 each song has been given 12 points before the voting begins.
  3. Songs in the contest are not allowed to have more than 25% of their lyrics in any other language than their own, however Georgia in 2008 won the contest with a song in a nonsense language.
  4. Five countries have withdrawn from the contest twice, these are Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.
  5. When the contest debuted back in 2003, Germany and Slovakia were down on the list of participants however they did not take part.

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