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Here we go..

So yesterday saw the last of our JESC Reviews, you can find them all here if you want to hear our full thoughts. So it’s now time to convert those votes into a predicted placing. We have broken down the voting into single votes and then combined them to give a total vote out of 20. In the case of a tie of points, the country that got the highest point will come above the other. So here we go in reverse order.

12th – Belarus & Albania on 5 points.

Both countries got a 3 from myself and both got a 2 from Bruce. We both agreed that these are by far the weakest in this years contest. With Albania we both agreed that Igzidora was not a great singer and that the song was wrong, and with Armenia we felt that the song was just too slow.

10th – Ukraine on 10 points

Again it was myself and Bruce that reviewed this one. On the whole we both felt that Anastasia was a good singer but the song itself is just a bit too different to work in the contest. It received 5 points from both of us.

9th – Belarus on 11 points

Myself and Peter reviewed this song and really we both felt that the song was way too repetitive and pretty weak in places. I really felt that the quality of song from Belarus has now fallen since last year. Egor just needed a better song for him to work with. It received a 6 from myself and a 5 from Peter.

8th – Georgia on 12 points

This was a song that really confused Bruce and me, it just seemed to be trying to be too many different genre’s. Yes the chorus may be good and a bit catchy but the rest of the song just seems very confused and does not flow very well. While it may be another professional entry from Georgia it only two 6’s.

7th – Azerbaijan on 12 points

This was the first song that we reviewed this year and to be honest it’s not a bad song at all. It’s lively and fun but we just felt that it just didn’t excite us enough. Azerbaijan have got a very decent debut entry and both Omar and Suada should do well on the night. While Bruce have Georgia a 6 he only have 5 to Azerbaijan, but I gave Azerbaijan 7 points.

6th – Sweden on 14 points

It was again myself and Peter reviewing this song and it is the ballad that this years contest really needed. It may be slow but if they did some tweaking to the song to get a few uplifting moments in there we both felt it would do very well. It is bound to get some jury votes. So it got two 7s.

So this is where we shall leave you for now, we will be back later to give you the top five and they are covered by just 5 points.

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