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JESC’12 Reviews: Georgia, Moldova & The Netherlands

It’s Our Final Review

It’s the 22nd of November which means that Junior Eurovision 2012 is just 1 weeks away. It is time for us to do our final set of reviews on the songs in this years contest and today the countries are all performing in the last 3 slots of the contest, we have last years winners Georgia, the country back for their third time Moldova and this years host the Netherlands. Once again Bruce will be joining us, so let’s get going.

  • Country: Georgia
  • Artist: Funkids
  • Song: Funky Lemonade
  • Language: Georgian

Anthony: Hmm now listening back to this song, I think I may have overrated it first time round. The only decent part of this song is the chorus, the rest of the song is just a bit too mixed up, it does not flow at all. It’s another very professional song from Georgia, but it just has something missing, the rap and the odd almost talking bits just do not work. I’m really trying to work out how this will come across, it does not have the universal appeal that you normally get from Georgian songs. I’m gonna say 6 from me, with a predicted 5th-8th place.

Bruce: From listening to the song twice and completely  I am quite sure they attempted to mix three genres of music together  I am quite sure they wanted to throw in punk, rap and something that borderlines soul. I however find this mix rather mind-boggling and strange, and am not a fan. The singers, especially the backup singers to a good to be fair, however I believe they have attempted to throw a bit too much into it. It’s hard to come to a firm decision, as the song is simply a craze and is up down left and right. However, the song presents its self in a fun and funky way, and they have certainly done well. Well done, and I might have some Lemonade now. 6/10.

  • Country: Moldova
  • Artist:Denis Midone
  • Song: Toate Vor Fi
  • English translation: All Will Be
  • Language: Romanian, English

Anthony: Now this is a song that I rate highly, Denis is a very good singer and the song just has a great uplifting feeling to it. Denis is very visibly enjoying himself and this is sure to rub off on the audience on the night. On a side note it appears to be the same studio as the one where the 2011 Moldovan entries video was filmed. I am a bit downed by the “na, na, na” bit but the English lyrics on the end of the song are a good touch. So on the whole it’s a good song, Denis a very good singer, so it’s a 7/10 however I predict a placing of between 5th and 9th.

Bruce: This upbeat and positive song is quite a nice little addition to the lineup this year. It may not be perfect, sure, but it’s simple and he certainly sings it with confidence in the words carrying a message he has to say. I find it different  as nobody is really jumping and running around, and it’s got a strange but none the less happy calm to it. Fantastic work. 8/10.

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Artist: Femke Meines
  • Song: Tik Tak Tik
  • English translation: Tick Tock Tick
  • Language: Dutch

Anthony: The Netherlands really do know what they are doing in JESC recently, this is one of just a couple of songs this year that really could win the contest. It just has a great pop beat to it and it’s very similar to “Click Clack” in 2009. It’s a got an incredibly catchy chorus to it that I know a lot of kids will love, we will get to see the inevitable 12 points from Belgium with this song. What tops this song off is that we know that Femke can really sing, she has proved this by coming through a live final unlike a number of countries like Azerbaijan. I will give this a massive 9.5/10 from me and a predicted finishing place of between 3rd and 1st. Good luck to the host nation the Netherlands.

Bruce: The Netherlands do try their best each year, and this year is no exception. It reminds me of something I can’t quite grasp in my mind too. I personally enjoy the very upbeat and catchy song, especially the “Tik Tak Tik” bit. The singing can get a tiny bit patchy in parts, however the sheer joy and dance feel of the song easily suppresses the slightly off bits, leading me to deem it my favorite of all this year’s JESC 2012 songs. I have already gone round the house whistling it, so it certainly has got on my mind. If I could vote, I would vote, for Netherlands. Good Luck! 10/10.

So that’s it, tomorrow evening I will be posting where the songs according to the scoring in the reviews will finish in our view.

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