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Malmo’13: Fans At The Heart Of The Contest In 2013


Fans To Have A Greater Involvement

Martin Österdahl the Executive Producer of Eurovision 2013 plans to get the fans more involved in the contest. This includes ideas about bringing the stage closer to the audience, like what we saw in Tallinn in 2001 and even getting them involved in the show itself.

“We want to draw attention to the fans and involve them. One of our core values is that we want to create passion that lasts, the passion that lives on. It is largely the fans who write our statements. They are bearers of culture and important to bring our version of Eurovision on” Österdhal went on to say that they would be involved in discussions over accommodation and the ticketing, he also said they were key to the events outside of the contest.

“The fans own the arena. They should be closer to the stage and the performers, and we are looking at ways to make the fans more involved in set design than before. With their flags, they function as a living extension of our production design, but maybe we can find more solutions so that they have access to something that it is possible to project onto the LED elements for example”

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