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It’s Review No.2

It’s the 8th of November which means that Junior Eurovision 2012 is just 3 weeks away. It is time for us to do our second set of reviews on the songs in this years contest and today we are looking at the some of the first countries in this years contest; Belarus who open the show this year then Sweden and finally Belgium. So today it’s me and Peter who’s first time will be today listening to JESC entries who will review the songs.

  • Country: Belarus
  • Artist: Egor Zheshko
  • Song: A more-more (А море-море)
  • English translation: O sea, sea
  • Language: Russian

Anthony: To be perfectly honest the first thing that strikes me is the fact that every boy that has represented Belarus seems to have some form of mullet, but enough about that. Egor has a very strong voice from the outset, the song however is just a bit repetitive , “a more” get’s incredibly annoying in a very short amount of time. It’s not exactly the worst song in this years contest, Albania has beat them to that, but it’s not brilliant ever. I will give it a 6/10, it will probably get a top.5 finish because it’s Belarus but I think it should personally come in around 10th.

Peter: The song was screamy and repetitive, he stayed on a really high octave, it just didn’t sound good at all. The singer was above decent, hit all the correct notes, great execution. He just needed to get a better song, I give it a 5-6/10 it’s not bad but still could be better from Belarus.

  • Country: Sweden
  • Artist: Lova Sönnerbo
  • Song: Mitt Mod
  • English translation: My Courage
  • Language: Swedish

Anthony: Now this song is a proper ballad and that is something that Sweden are good at in JESC. I personally think this a very sweet and beautiful ballad, it has a nice feel to it and Lova has a great voice. But it just lacks any chorus, it may build a bit during the song but it just never has that point were it feels like it’s really doing something, you reach the end and just go “is that it?”. On the whole it’s the best ballad in the contest this year, mainly because it’s the only one it, but regardless of that I will give it a 7/10 with a predicted 9th place, the jury will vote for it but not the public.

Peter: Her voice is airy, and she stayed much on the same note most of the song, she needed more moments like 1:51-1:60. But her voice was stunning when you heard 1:51:-1:60, the song was much like Adele’s Skyfall, somber, a tad boring, but it really highlighted her voice much better than the first one. I think she will end up going further than Belarus, I give Sweden a 7/10.

  • Country: Belgium
  • Artist: Fabian
  • Song: Abracadabra
  • Language: Dutch

Anthony: It’s a nice little song this, it has a good beat to it and Fabian is great on stage  as he is enjoying every moment. Belgium are still searching for their first win in Junior Eurovision but sadly it wont be this song that wins it for them. Yes it’s a good song but it’s not exactly very memorable, it picks up a bit at the end and regains it’self. For me it is one of the stronger songs in this years contest and does deserve to finish in the top half of the board, so I shall predict a 4th place for Belgium and a rating of 7/10.

Peter: Not bad for Belgium, better than the rest for me. His voice was great, the song was more entertaining, and liked having a band back the kid up. The song was good, and well played by the band and well sang by the boy. His voice was soft and “neat”. So I give Belgium 8.5/10.

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