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Malmo’13: Focus On The Artists & Countries


A Reinvention Of The Contest

Yesterday the core values of the contest were announced for the contest, today see’s the outline of what the organisers want to the contest to be about. Martin Österdahl the Executive Producer of the contest has said they will not be making a contest around Sweden as “it doesn’t feel right, nor is it in line with the original idea of Eurovision”. He said that instead they will be aiming to bring the contest back to the original idea which is “to bridge over cultural differences and emanate a message that all people are equal”. The focus will be on the nations taking part and not that the contest is in Sweden, he uses the example of the flash mob during the interval in 2010, which is undoubtedly one of the best interval performances ever.

The postcards will also follow this line of focus on the countries and the artists. He thinks that the postcards should be a way of creating a connection between the audience at home and the artist, not a tourist video which seemed to be the case in Azerbaijan. He went on to say “the wealth of the contest, which consists of all the participating countries and cultures. We want to get closer to the artists, the music and the competition. We want better dramatisation and for those watching to feel more excitement and drama”

The organisers are fully aware of the limits of the contest, the fact that there are a certain number of countries taking part in each show and that you must get the voting sequences into the contest. He went on to say that the creating of the connection between the viewer and the artist and “How we achieve this and how many of our ambitions we get to implement, we do not know”

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