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Russia: The Babushki’s Made A Difference

“Party For Everybody” has changed Buranovo

Yes the Buranovskiye Babushki’s from Buranovo have made a difference to life in their village. Today in the New York Times there is a piece running about how the Grannies have made a difference to life in Buranovo since their return from Baku.

And well things have changed hugely, the local government in the Udmurt Republic have started building a water pipeline, installing street lights and giving the local school high speed interent. But that was not the reason that the Babushki’s went to Baku, no they wanted to build a church in their village after it was closed in 1937 by Stalin. When the Grannies were in Baku, the construction of the church began and on their return they were taken by police escort from the airport to see the foundations of the church they had worked so hard for.

For the people of Buranovo the Babushki’s have changed their lives. As Aleksandr Malkov said to the NYT “God forgot this place before the grannies sang”

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