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Baku’12: Analysis Of 20th-26th Place

150 Million Albums Is Not Everything

It’s time for the analysis of the last night’s result’s so we will be starting at the back of the field and working our way to the winner. So here we go with the countries in 26th to 20th place.

26th: Norway – Tooji – Stay (7 points)

What happened Norway? Going into the contest Norway were favourites with many to win the contest. Tooji to many was seen as an improvement of Eric Saade from Sweden in 2011, but that was not to be. Norway are now the second country in Eurovision history to finish 26th, they also now have an 11th last place to their name. Even their Nordic neighbours could not be relied on for points only Sweden have them 3 points, followed by the Netherlands with 3 and Iceland gave them 1 point. NRK will be asking a lot of question as this comes after Norway just scrapped through to the final with 45 points in SF2.

25th: United Kingdom – Engelbert Humperdinck – Love Will Set You Free (12 points)

The UK are now on their 3rd 25th place in 5 years, the BBC’s idea of sending the Hump to Eurovision definitely back fired. Running in Slot number 1 was never going to help, but the song was also in hind sight very slow and never really went anywhere. At least some of the promised Eastern European points did appear a 5 from Estonia and 2 for Latvia. Ireland once again can’t be relied on for points with just 4 from them and only 1 point from Belgium. The BBC really do need to change their ways.

24th: Hungary – Compact Disco – Sound Of Our Hearts (19 points)

Hungary will be happy with being in the final but 24th may not be what they hoped for. They did manage an 8 from Romania and 7 from Slovakia, 2 from Serbia and 2 sets of 1s from Moldova and Turkey. Hungary was never going to do brilliantly back in the 2nd slot on the night. Hungary did well but not as well as many hoped.

23rd: Denmark – Soluna Samay – Should’ve Known Better (21 points)

Denmark will be really disappointed, this is their worst result in the finals since 2003 when they came dead last. Soluna was one of the artists that many people had backed for the win during the National Final season. Was the 23rd place due to the staging? Possibly, it did not look that great for many people and the outfits did not look brilliant either. At least Denmark can say they got 3 sets of 5 points from Iceland, Finland and Germany. Even Sweden did not give them a single point, looks like neighbours can’t be relied on.

22nd: France – Anggun – Echo (You & I) (21 points)

What went wrong? France sent the most played French language artist to Eurovision and all they could manage was 22nd, this is their worst result since 2007. The song was always a mish mash of different styles and the staging really did distract from the song, it looked a bit of a mess and the gymnasts made next to no sense on stage. If you’re wondering how France beat Denmark, France received 2 6s from Iceland and Switzerland. France Televisions will need to get their act together.

21st: Malta – Kurt Kalleja – This Is The Night (41 points)

Malta had their best result since 2005 last night, the staging of the song last night looked very good. I am expecting a craze of foot dances to sweep across Europe thanks to Malta. Malta will be very happy with last night, the Eurovision mad nation would have been happy with just being in the final let alone finishing above 2 of the Big 5.

20th: Iceland – Greta Salome & Jonsi – Never Forget (46 points)

Iceland will be disappointed with 20th place, Never Forget was a powerful ballad that had a lot going for it, it was the best Icelandic entry since Yohanna in 2009 in the eyes of many fans. This is the second time in 2 years that Iceland has finished in 20th place. It think his may be a song in which televoting pulled the country down in the rankings.

We will be back later with the rankings from 19th to 15th.

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