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Baku’12: Someone Will Come 26th

Could this happen again?

Tonight one-act will join Jemini from the United Kingdom in being the only acts ever to finish 26th in a Eurovision final. The betting odds are currently putting Lithuania or Hungary in that lonely 26th place but that may not happen. All we know is that unless someone sings so off-key that everyone in Europe either does one or a combination of the following:

  • They all turn from the tv in horror
  • All suddenly realise voting for the worst song is not a good idea
  • All wince at the sheer disastrous nature of the song

We will probably not get another nul point 26th place finisher. But could anyone tonight repeat what Jemini managed in 2003?

With a total of 42 countries tonight voting, 41 of which can vote for your nations song that means there are a total of 2378 points will be allocated tonight, 492 of which could go to your country. This would mean 41 countries and their jury would have to see your nations song as worse than a possible 1 point. I shall leave you on this, it could still happen.

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